Since 2012 we have been at the forefront of the fight against child sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community, educating people about child sexual abuse, securing justice for survivors, and working to prevent child sexual abuse in the community.


Our Mission

ZA’AKAH is dedicated to advocating for survivors of child sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community. We do this by raising awareness in the community, organizing and participating in educational events for parents and teachers on how to identify and correctly handle suspicions and disclosures of child sexual abuse, and by advocating for legislative reforms designed to prevent sexual abuse in the future and secure justice for survivors.

The second an institution becomes more important than the people it serves, it no longer deserves to exist.
— ZA'AKAH's guiding principle

What We've Achieved

  • After 13 years of advocacy by survivors and activists, and after 3 years of ZA’AKAH being involved in the fight, the Child Victims Act is finally law.

  • After 9 years of fighting for Erin’s Law, ZA’AKAH joined the fight to pass it, and was able to help actually pass Erin’s Law.

  • Organized many educational events to inform parents and teachers about how to identify sexual abuse, and how to properly handle and report a suspicion or disclosure of sexual abuse.

  • Assisted countless survivors in finding the resources they need to either get therapy or legal representation in their cases against their abusers.

  • Raised awareness in both the press and the Orthodox Jewish Community about child sexual abuse.

  • Publicly protested communal coverups of child sexual abuse

Please note: ZA’AKAH does not directly provide any victim services. We partner with other organizations whom we can refer you to based on your needs.