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The Child Victims Act Is About To Shake The Orthodox Jewish Establishment

The Child Victims Act in NY offers a lookback window for child abuse - and will force a reckoning in the Orthodox Jewish community.

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As N.Y.’s ‘Look-back Window’ Opens, Alleged Abuse Survivors ‘Await Day In Court’

New provision of Child Victims Act offers ‘opportunity for justice’; Orthodox advocates’ response varies.


State Senate unanimously passes Erin’s Law

The state Senate unanimously passed Erin’s Law late Monday, but the bill remains in the Assembly’s Committee on Education.


‘Real Fears’ Over Child Victims Act, Say Charedim

In the wake of the passage last week in Albany of the Child Victims Act, Orthodox leaders are cautioning that “fears” of a barrage of potentially crippling lawsuits from alleged victims of child sexual abuse against yeshivas and camps “are real.”


Child Victims Act could empower adult victims

Last month’s panel brought a number of people together, including those who not only are survivors of abuse, but work full-time to prevent more people from ending up like them.


Supporters Clash at Event for Ultra-Orthodox Man Accused of Sexual Assault

As thousands of supporters of a Brooklyn man accused of being a child molester attended a fund-raiser for his legal defense Wednesday night, a group of about 100 people supporting the young woman who alleged that he sexually assaulted her rallied outside.


Finding Justice for Sex Abuse Survivors (video)

Brian Toale and Asher Lovy have a few things in common: they were both molested as children by people they should have been able to trust, they both suffered alone and in silence for years, and they both survived and turned that pain into advocacy for the countless other victims of child sexual abuse.


Supporters celebrate Erin’s Law

A bill requiring education in schools aimed to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation passed both chambers in New York State this session.

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Legislation Could Expand Child Abuse Reporting to Include Clergy

Months after expanding the definition of mandatory reporters of sexual abuse to include private schools, state lawmakers are looking to go further.


Elite Hasidic Girls School Scrambles To Keep Lid On Sex Misconduct Scandal

he principal of a prominent all-girls’ yeshiva in Brooklyn promised change after the school was rattled by an allegation of sexual misconduct by students against a long-time employee in May.


Activists to Novominsk Rebbe: Support Victims, Not Predators

The third child sexual abuse awareness protest in Brooklyn this year got off to a quiet start. That was actually good news for the dozen demonstrators in front of Borough Park’s Novominsk Yeshiva on this warm fall afternoon.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally to Discuss Risks of Internet

Several opponents of the rally gathered outside the stadium, including a crowd that stood by police barricades holding signs that read, “The Internet Is Not the Problem.”


Assembly committee heads Erin's Law for first time in 8 years

Advocates who rallied at the New York State Capitol want New York to become the 37th state to pass Erin's Law.


Abuse survivors bombarded with attorney ads

When the Democrats retook the state Senate in November, effectively ensuring passage of the Child Victims Act (CVA), new ads for attorneys offices began appearing on airwaves, in newspapers, and on social media.


Sexual Misconduct Allegations Rattle Prominent All-Girls Yeshiva

The principal of an elite ultra-Orthodox girls’ school is defending himself against accusations from a politician and community members that he’s ignored years of complaints about sexual misconduct.


Abuse Survivors Press For Statute Bill

n a bid to turn up the pressure on Agudath Israel of America over its policies towards sexual abuse victims, activists and abuse survivors protested Sunday in front of the Novominsker shul in Borough Park, the second such protest this summer.